Monday, February 3, 2014

Feb 3 2014
Ma and Pa were away to their Class reunion get together. SO home alone, I worked hard on the Heart Defect Awareness Quilt center, the Feathered Heart. WHEW!!  Very difficult and forgot about the main thing with appliques, you gotta turn it upside down, so when you trace it and then stick it to the background it is correct side up or orientation. So the numbered pieces were not on the correct side. I had to WING it big.
I had my desk lamp under the kitchen table and opened up the center section for the leaf, that way I could see the Heart outlines through the pink fabric.

Heart outline with the table center opened up
That big thingy on the right is Ma's fryer she bought. $$.

89 little pieces. which didn't go together as well as i had hoped

The little pieces didn't go together that well, there was some Pink showing through. But when I stitch around them all, hopefully all you see is the stitching. Of course, my free -hand outline stitching is SOSO.

Will do my best, that is all I can do.

This is the fundraising page, please support me.

Thank you.
Love diane

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