Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hello  Feb 12 2014
I posted this yesterday as a PS on the other days post.::
Well, the backing part today wasn't going  so well. Plan C. Pictures later. Pooped out.
This is who i will contact about the donation.

I ended up going with PLAN E. This is what I was going with yesterday, and it wasn't working. I guess, my mind was not functioning in QUILT mode. As I laid there this morning, UH HA, a Revelation came to me.

I was thinking, NOT Clearly, I would sew the 2 sections together, and then do a Diagonal in the middle. I got to that point, and was looking at the 4 seam allowances, and it was   NOT GOING TO WORK,  at least, not for me.
The quilt turned out a bit bigger than planned, 35 by 35.5, not 32.
The pieces I had, were either Fat quarters ( 18 by 22), Half yards ( 18 by 44) or full yards. The ones I had that were full yards, were the Joann Fabrics ones, and one that was mostly white with no hearts on it. The ones from Joann's, were a bit BUSY, but I had to use them. I also had one from Joann's that said, Faith, Hope, and Charity on it, I think it was a BC one. But at least it had hearts !! ( needed lots for the feathered heart, I didn't want the same pieces too close together)

The bigger ones I cut a 20 by 20 and the smaller one I cut 18 by 18, and, well, no good.
This morning, I took the large Moda Marbles Dark Hot Pink, it was barely 34 by 40. I only needed a little more. Yesterday, it got to the point, I DID NOT want to piece the backing, Especially down the center, and have it behind the large Feathered heart. Or only add a small 3" piece onto one side, and look lopsided. SO  I cut 3 -2.5 " strips to use in the border, off of the Hot Pink. Then got JACK ( the ripper) and took apart the seams on half of the above. Chopped off 2- 5" strips and sewed those to each side of the large Hot Pink, now about 28 by 37.

Backing of the quilt !!

WHEW!! By then it was 1pm, ( Home alone) and pooped.
Nappy time, tomorrow or the next day, I will work on pinning the layers together.

Love DEK

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