Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Debbie Mumm Patriotic Quilt

One of the first large quilts i did, was to be a sister project. She had seen a Patriotic quilt in a store in Houston Tx. It was created, using all Debbie Mumm fabrics. We stood in the store, scribbling away on a small piece of paper, the elements of the quilt. We drove to all the local quilt stores and purchased the fabrics we needed. I configured the quilt design from her scribbles. She was all ready to cut the fabric into the pieces we would need, but I decided that it would be best to take the fabric home and chop it up there. I though that it would take up less room in my suitcase, and be more compact in large pieces, rather than tiny pieces. 
It is set onpoint, (diagonally) which wasn't the easiest thing. I did a lot of ripping and resewing, to make the seam allowances met up. When we took it to the Machine Quilter to stitch the layers together, he told my sis, it was one of the most accurately cornered, barring two civil engineers who quilt.

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