Thursday, February 13, 2014

Hello, Feb 13 2014,
Heart Defect Awareness Week is almost finished. St Valentine's Day is tomorrow.
We were supposed to get our Groceries today, but the weather didn't cooperate.
So I spent the time working on the Quilt. First, I taped down the Backing, then the Batting, and then the Quilt top.
Then I Pin Basted the Quilt. You are supposed to PIN it about every 5" apart. But I was worried about holes showing in the center square.  I then had to move the other Pin Basted Quilt over to the pile of TO DO Items.
Monday I will start the Stitching of the layers together. Free-Hand Quilting.
Pin Basted
Sorry it wasn't the best shot. I couldn't lift the camera up any higher. ::)
Love ya
Don't forget if you donate to my Heart Defect Research fundraiser this can be yours.

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