Saturday, April 20, 2013

BackPack Purses

Started on Jan 20, 2013. today is April 20
Back Pack Purses

My first Back Pack purse i followed a pattern. I like buying them when joanns has a .99 cent sale on them. But they were a bit too technical, and too many pieces. This one is a bit shorter and wider. I forgot to cut the main section as one, therefore had 2 more pieces to quilt. But as one large piece I had a problem with trying to figure how to handle the large outer pocket. I managed that with sewing it up the side.
Okay, i have 4 main sections. I did a free hand quilting stitching around all the butterflies. i used some flannel as backing, i had leftover from some PJ's i had made, and cotton batting.
I also sewed a handle/strap.

I stitched around all the butterflies, which pulls in on all sides. So it is now a bit smaller in size.

I trimmed the sides to neaten it up and cut it down in size a little.

You can't really see all the stitching.

There are 4 main pieces. Front, Back, and the front and back pocket pieces.

You have to do the inside pockets BEFORE you put the sides together.
OR you catch the outer pockets in the stitching.
But you can see the pockets were sewn in.
I made them large enough to put the cell in, and keys.
You sew the sides up, catching the outer pockets in the stitching.
The bottom seam is sewn up too. Sewing the seams was a bit difficult, it was pretty thick and heavy with all the layers, and batting.

I made 10 buttonholes evenly spaced around the purse, one inch wide, so i could easily pull on the strap, to loosen and tighten as needed.

I started the strap in the center and weaved it in and out then down to the bottom corners. When you sew the corners closed, you catch the strap ends in.
You can see how the bottom corners are stitched closed here.

I turned under the top edges and top stitched it. When i did the buttonholes, i left enough room for the top edge to be turned under.


The first one i did is a bit bigger. 12 X 16.5. I did the main piece as one, 24 x 16.5.
I also added a top band on the outer pocket.
You need to cut out the bottom corner, do a square cut, or rather take a square out of the corners. When you stitch it closed, you flatten it, and tuck the strap in. I double stitched, so I would catch it good. ( But don't do it so good you can't undo it later. I had to take mine apart when the strap shredded and needed replaced)
Sorry you can't really see the corner, but cutting the corner out, this flattens it and makes the bottom flat and wide.

When you flatten the corners to sew the bottom, you need to catch the straps for the backpack in the corners.

When you sew it you have to be careful you don't break a needle, all the layers are very thick.

Finished project.

love diane

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