Friday, August 26, 2011

Nativity Quilt

I found this quilt in surfing the internet. I gave the information to my sister. She goes to the International Quilt show in Houston TX, almost every year. She didn't find the precut kit per instructed, but did find a different kit. It had a magazine, with a simplified applique pattern, and the fabric needed. This turned out better than the kit i had requested. I could make several, and wouldn't have to create a pattern from the precut fabric. Problem was the included background fabric was an orange/mauve. (thumbs down) I had some batik blue from another project for the original, and found some other blue batik for the others that i made later.
I traced the pattern onto the paper side of the fusible web, pressed the fusible web onto the back of the black fabric, then cut away what is the background of the image. Leaving open what would be the blue background.
Someone at one of the Debbie Mumm club classes once said, you only need to make bias binding for curves. SO this quilt called for Bias binding. After making the first couple with a curved top,  the others, i squared off the top, in order for it to be more easily hung. But i still used bias binding, because of the pretty effect it created on the edges, and in the middle.

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