Sunday, January 26, 2014

Heart Defect Research Fund Raising Quilt

Jan 26 2014
Heart Quilt
Ever since realizing that they were doing Catheterizations as early as 1958, but my doctors didn't do mine until i was 10, In 1967,  I have wanted to raise funds for heart defect research.
Well, even before that.
Why did they wait? Because of all my issues? Hemi-vertebrae scoliosis, Absent upper left lung lobe, Hypoplasia lower lung lobe, Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA), Hypoplasia left Pulmonary Artery and vein.
hypoplasia /hy·po·pla·sia/ (-pla´zhah) incomplete development or underdevelopment of an organ or tissue.hypoplas´tic   from The Free Dictionary

So I started ANOTHER QUILT,  Do I have unfinished projects?  SURE!!
But this was going to be all  BRIGHT  pink or red fabrics that had HEARTS on it, only I couldn't find enough fabrics. I guess, St Valentine's Day is the season, and I was looking in October, which is when I can get to one or two quilt stores.  (Birthday month)
As I worked on the heart, I decided I needed more. I managed to find some and order online more pinks and some had hearts on them, from a local store. January was SOOO cold, I wasn't going out much. I don't want to get sick, so if it is below 30, NOT going out. Then they rescheduled my Heart dr appt twice, and HAD to go out when it was 8 out there. Thankfully the high was 34, and it warmed up later, after I was home. ;(

I had found a GREAT idea in a Quilt Magazine a few years ago, a feathered heart. Only 89 pieces, TINY pieces.
But very Beautiful.
So going to post the Jpegs I did, i hope I don't get into trouble:

It is supposed to be a shadow-work type applique. But just want the main layer with all kinds of PINKS, since I couldn't find very many reds.
But ended up using a few of the reds, because I needed more variety. I didn't want the same fabrics to be too close together.

89 little pieces
HMM?? Can i do this?
All marked out on the steam a seam
I tried to put all the ones for the same fabric together, but as I was going around, the pieces for the same fabric are going to be too close together. I found I NEEDED more fabrics, the more the merrier. 
Utilizing 7 fabrics,  pieces  1-8-15-22-29-36-43-50-57-64-71-78-85

I tried several different ways, using programs in the computer and on Mom's Computer, but i finally went to the market and used their copy machine. The Heart base design needed to be enlarged 200%.
Layout of heart applique enlarged 200%

What am i going to do in the corners? Possibly paper piece some hearts?
I wanted to be done before i started the fundraising site, BUT not going to be near done.
About 30" By 30".
Can i raise  $1,000?
$500 each for 2 research projects?

I started the fundraising here. Please support me.

Love dek

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