Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What would the difference be??

Sept 30 2013
Through the years, i have slowly been finding out more and more about ME.
Once in doing a search i found this list::
Multiple congenital anomalies. WOW!! SO many?
Why not a list without those with Mental retardation syndromes too?
Recently, in doing some research i found another type of list, Multiple Chronic Conditions!
WHAT WOULD THE DIFFERENCE be between the two??
Congenital VS Acquired?
This has some ideas::
"pose a significant and increasing burden on the health of Americans"
"" Chronic conditions are conditions that last a year or more and require ongoing medical attention and/or limit activities of daily living.3""
"concurrent chronic conditions""
Well, they both sound VERY alike to me!
Ok, Diabetes, Cancer, Alzheimer's, Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Heart Disease for a few.
As opposed to, Heart Defects, Lung Defects, Osteopenia, Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension, Hemi-Vertebrae Scoliosis.
Drugs that are $6,000 a month.
I was told
"The difference is that "chronic" conditions may exist at the time of birth but they may also acquired later in life. So, a congenital condition may be considered a chronic disease but not all chronic diseases are congenital.
Sounds to me like, More of them, so they are funded.
Hospital systems should have Departments for those with MCA! The PCP has a hard time keeping up with ALL of our issues.

Monday, September 9, 2013


Twice recently i felt, i REALLY need to use Safety goggles to sew. A few months ago, while sewing the bottom corner of one of the purses, i broke a needle trying to sew through, around 9 layers.
Today, i was using the Button sewing on foot, to sew on a Snap. I ALWAYS hand crank it, and i must have forced it down too hard, and i heard SNAP!!
The big piece of the needle was still screwed in, the smaller piece was hanging by the thread. BUT A SLIVER had hit me, by the bridge of my nose. That could have been EXTREMELY PAINFUL< and i could have been blinded.
I have no idea which came first, it landing or i closed my eyes.
Picture of the Button sew on foot:

I guess, i never learned the lesson of keeping your fingers away from the needle, either. They must have taught it in 7th Grade sewing class. I was home bound tutored that year, and only had English, Spelling, and Math. Of course, my grandmother and i did a lot of sewing, previous to that.
Once while sewing the elastic to the waistband, on an elastic undergarment, i was stretching the elastic, and the finger got a LITTLE too close to the needle.
Ma came running, and couldn't figure why i was pulling the thread out from the edge of my finger.
THANKFULLY it hadn't gone through at the nail.
THANKFULLY it wasn't my machine, with the needle in the DOWN position. It would have been EXTREMELY Painful to have the needle stop DOWN IN MY FINGER. AND I WOULD HAVE HAD TO HAND CRANK IT BACK UP!!
But as i sat there, pulling the thread, it finally came to me, i was pulling the thread as it came out of the spool. After i CUT it, i was able to pull the end of the bugger out and apply some pressure to the wound.


love diane