Monday, February 10, 2014

Hello   Feb 10 2014
Well the Heart Defect Quilt Fundraiser is going slow. I did complete the quilt top. Rather then go up to the quilt store, AGAIN, i used as the sashing, the fabrics that I had. It is a little busier than I had planned, but is still BEAUTIFUL!!

Tomorrow I need to cut 4 pieces to sew together into the back panel, 19 by 19.
It is about 35"  by 35. 1/4".
And find where I put the white cotten batting.
There are a few surprises in it. LOL!! ♥
Just hoping i can manage the feathering in the free-hand quilting.
Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Heart Defect Quilt Fundraiser.

Love Ya Diane


In order to find CHD's we are advocating Pulse Oximetry testing of all Newborns. It won't find all, but most. This is SOO important. The Doctors need to find out if a baby has a CHD before it is discharged, so treatment can begin immediately.

Story in the local paper about a boy who never knew he had a CHD. He went for an medical exam, and dr heard a Murmur.

Children's Heart Foundation is doing great work funding research.

AHA does some CHD research, but the bulk is adult Heart Disease, not Defect research.
American Heart Association information on CHD

Congenital Heart Information Network

Adult Congenital Heart Association

Mended Little Hearts Local is Southwestern Pennsylvania

The other item we are ADVOCATING for is the ECG Screening for students going into sports.
Next time i will try to add some links for friends i have that are doing screenings, raising funds to do more across the US.


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