Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Heart Defect Research Quilt Feb 19 2014

Hello, Feb 19 2014
I worked hard on the Quilt today. I stitched around all of the 89 little pieces.
Sorry I took 4 pictures, 2 with the flash, and two without, none are really that good. I had hoped at least one would show the stitching a bit better.
Quilting around all the 89 little pieces
Maybe  if you click on it, and make it full size. It is AWESOME!!
The picture from the front, you can see the puffy ness around each piece.
Tomorrow and Friday I will work on the echo- stitching around the shape of the heart.
Heart Defect Research Quilt
Don't forget if you donate to my Heart Defect Research Fund, you have a chance on winning the quilt.

Thank You
love diane

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