Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Lazer cut Applique Cross Quilt Dec 4, 2013

December 4, 2013
Cross Quilt
I bought a Laser-Cut Cross but then searched forever for just the right fabric to fuse it onto. I found it in a Pittsburgh quilt store. It has little Christian fish on it. But i had asked to go to 2 quilt stores on my bday and only got to one. In the end, I had to buy the border fabrics at Joann's. They weren't quite what i wanted, but oh well.

The Cross, instructions, base fabric, and 2 border fabrics
The Base fabric plus the 2 borders.
Very fragile, and even then a little off side, I didn't really notice until i was doing the echo stitching. Bad Diane.
The Cross applique pressed on
Backing all taped on, taut
top and batting all taped down , centered on the backing
pinned and ready to be quilted
HMM, about then i decided this was going way too slow, and started stitching further away by an inch, not half an inch. AND  realized i was hitting the side on one side, OOPS
A little lopsided?

Binding sewn at 45 degree angle, and rod pocket.
Binding all stitched together, ready to press in half

Binding pressed in half, ready to sew on. Rod Pocket pinned on. Will catch it as i sew on the binding
Back of the quilt, with rod pocket sticking out
Hand sewing on the rod pocket, binding all done
 Sorry i kept taking pictures, and just couldn't get the lighting correct. Best i could do.

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