Thursday, October 3, 2013

Quilted Vests Oct 3 2013

Hello, a while ago i had bought a pack of Fat Quarters, and chopped them up and sewed together the pieces.  I added some pieces of lace, piping, trim, rick rack, and using the fancy stitches on the machine, WA LA!!
 Actually these were made before the MACHINE, i was using Gramma's old Singer, or Kathy's. Kathy's had fancier stitches.
  I just meandered around with the stitches and  trims.

 I loved the combinations of colors.

I had a bunch of Debbie Mumm Halloweenie prints. Chopped them up and sewed them together.

WILD and CRAZY Lining print. I used a velco closure, bought some wooden Pumpkin buttons but never was brave enough to make buttonholes on this.
I made a real fancy vest  for someone, wanted $100 for it. But my sister asked her, How much do YOU think it is worth? Lady said, $50. I put a ton of work into it too.

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