Thursday, October 3, 2013

ASUS Tablet Case Oct 3 2013

Hello Oct 3 2013
I got a COOL ASUS Tablet at Staples. It was on clearance. Later I got a Transformer 300T Keyboard Dock through  I had it delivered to Sears, picked up there, that way didn't have to pay shipping.
BUT i made the Quilted case before i bought the Keyboard Dock, so it is now too small. I need to make a bigger one. Plus, i bought this plastic case for it, and even with that on, it no longer fits. :(

 I added piping to the bottom and top edges. I rounded the top edge, kinda using a dinner plate as a guide.

 I quilted around the Paisley motifs, and used the walking foot to sew up the straight edges of each row.

 I sized it up with the 10" Tablet.

Inside out to sew the edges together, and show off the quilting. I didn't need to do the piping the whole way along the edges.

It does fit, before the Keyboard dock, and Plastic /rubber case thingy i had bought, after i dropped it on the tile floor at CHP.

COOL!! Needs a  closure of some kind now.

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